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    More than just a camera, the C300* and C300 PL* cameras mark the beginning of a whole new system for the motion picture industry. Form factor, ergonomics, image processing and lenses - re-imagined to tailor the experience of shooting to the needs of professional cinematography crews.

Large imager unleashes full creative potential. Modeled on the Super 35mm 3-perf motion picture film standard, Canon's CMOS sensor has an active image size of 24.6 x 13.8mm. The image sensor utilizes an innovative readout technique that delivers full bandwidth individual RGB video components without the need for any
debayering algorithms.

  • 8.3 MP sensor
  • Shallow Depth of Field
  • High Sensitivity/Low Noise
  • High signal-to-noise ratio
  • Reduced rolling shutter artifacts
  • Signal processing equivalent to that of 3-chip RGB systems
  • 8 MP Bayer array; no pixel interpolation needed


Taking into account various shooting scenarios, the EOS C300* can accommodate situations where every last inch of maneuverability counts. With day-long shooting comfort and usability in mind, different components can be added or removed as needed. It's also compatible with industry standard, third-party accessories so it can be easily rigged for studio, Steadicam, jib or just about any other configuration imaginable.

  • Compact and lightweight body design
  • Body weight: 1430g
  • Body dimensions: 133mm X 171mm x 179mm
  • Start/Stop buttons in four different locations to suit different shooting styles
  • Large dials positioned in two places allow operation from the side
  • Viewfinder tilts up to 60 degrees
  • Removable, rotating handgrip turns 360 degrees in 15 degree increments
  • Multiple-angle control panel rotates 270 degrees to accommodate shoulder, side, low-angle camera positions

  • Withstands rough, professional use
  • Dust- and splash-proof design
  • Cooling system of heat sinks and fans protects sensor and allows for extended shooting

  • Look-free camera operation made easier with between-button ridges and protrusions
  • Button layout based on commonly used features
  • Assignable control buttons
  • Lock switch prevents accidental control changes while recording
  • Measuring hook for distance readings
  • Tally lamp visible from side or behind camcorder
  • Internal battery
  • Backlit display panel
  • Industry-standard terminals

  • Easily configured in a side-by-side rig for 3D shooting
  • Compatible with rail systems, flags, matte boxes and follow focus accessories
  • Wireless remote control of key camera functions, including focus, shutter speed, white balance and iris (when using supported Canon EF lenses) via laptops and tablets

  • Withstands rough, professional use
  • Dust- and splash-proof design
  • Cooling system of heat sinks and fans protects sensor and allows for extended shooting
  • Seamless integration with NLEs is just the beginning of effective post-processing. Clean image quality. Low S/N ratio. Canon Log Gamma for expanded dynamic range. File formats that hold up when multiple effects and color corrections are applied. Robust enough for the big screen, but convenient enough for on-set review and tweaking.
    • MXF file wrapper bundles video, audio and metadata in standardized file format recognized by most NLE systems
    • Uses XF codec to record highly versatile MPEG-2 Long GOP 4:2:2 code
    • Incredible image quality - particularly in high ISO/low light situations

    • Records to affordable, readily available CF cards
    • Simultaneous recording to dual CF cards and HD-SDI out to external recorders or monitoring systems

    • HD/SD-SDI
    • GenLock
    • Time code
    • XLR

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