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XPression is a high quality 3D character generator and broadcast production graphics platform incorporating over 20 years of live broadcast graphics experience. It offers a very powerful tool set - yet with an intuitive user interface. XPression was born from a realization of the possibilities presented by combining modern PC technologies, advancements in 3D rendering and a clear understanding of the broadcast and production workflow environments. The result is a powerful tool for design and playout of sophisticated motion graphics that will unleash the creativity of your graphics designer to create compelling graphics that will make your productions shine.

2D has not been forgotten
Many available 3D packages neglect the 2D workflow you got accustomed to, not so XPression. In fact, one of the primary design goals has been never to bother the designer or operator with 3D aspects when in need of 2D features and vice versa. This resulted in a very intuitive, balanced and flexible to use 2D and 3D authoring system, the best of both worlds.

Live, Live, Live!
XPression has been built for live, on demand graphics from the ground up. Edit scenes in the editor while playing them out in the background. Modify every aspect of an object while its animation is running, adjust roll pages while currently active on one of the outputs. Virtually anything you can think of, you can do it live!

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